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wion - Vortex EP

_ 2012-01-02 _ wion 'Vortex EP' released on portable music!
On december 9, 2011, wion released his five-track 'Vortex EP'.
The tracks are quite thoughtful and serious all in all.
You can download 'Vortex EP' for free!

01. For You *
02. Vortex
03. Are Your Scared?
04. 24th Of July *
05. Dark Fires

* Dedicated to the victims of the tragedy at the Loveparade in Duisburg (Germany) on 24th of July, 2010.

More info and download here!
(MP3 320 kbps, total time: 27:05 // about 63 MB)

_ 2010-03-12 _ wion EP 'More' released on portable music!
The second of two EPs is out today: wion compiles another five so far unreleased tracks to a great work called "More".
As its brother "39", the latest wion publishing is for free!

More info and download here!
(MP3 256 kbps, total time: 28:11)

_ 2010-03-05 _ wion EP '39' out now!
We are proud to present the brandnew wion EP '39'.
It is the first of two EPs, released on portable music records
within one week!
'39' contains six unique tracks between house, dance and trance and is downloadable for free!!!
For March 12, 2010, the brother of '39', called 'More', is announced to be released here!

More info and download here!
(MP3 256 kbps, total time: 32:26)

_ 2010-01-10 _ wion announces Twin-EPs
Thorsten (mastermind of wion) is producing two exclusive EPs. They are announced as twins and will be released separately within one week at the beginning of March, 2010 on portable music records.
The first EP is called "39", the second one will be titled "More."

_ 2009-09-18 _ Brandnew wion album out now!
The fourth official wion album is available from today. The 13-track creation Club 88 can be purchased as digital and physical form.
CD: The compact disc is available at wion-beats only.
Visit the homepage to download the medley of the tracks for free, too.
MP3: You can download the complete Album as MP3 via downloadshop.
Take a look at DOWNLOAD (please scroll down).

_ 2009-09-11 _ Free wion MP3 Tracks for download
Now you can download three wion MP3 Tracks for free: "Bass Machine", "The Sweetest Smile" and "Summer Love". Take a look at DOWNLOAD (please scroll down).

_ 2009-08-21 _ wion album release on september 18, 2009
The latest longplayer record of wion is titled Club 88 and fuses 13 tracks: House, Drum & Bass, Disco, Techno and Trance/ChillOut at its best - rough and smooth grooves to dance and listen to.
Club88 will be released on portable music records.

_ 2009-07-17 _ portable music records online
It's our pleasure to announce the birth of portable music records (pmr) today. At this website, we will list our latest news about artists, releases, downloads, booking and more.

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_ wion (Bochum, Germany) _

Until the naming of his music, Thorsten Gumball produced electronic music for several projects and bands as Expose Reality, Meeting Frasier, The Tahina Project and others. Just to divide the tracks for the bands and projects from his own music he decided to give it a name: in September, 1998 wion was born.
From this moment Thorsten built a unique concept around his ideas and productions - and his sounds, beats and styles got more professionalism and sagnificance. The wion sound is finest electronic music, moody but groovy: House, Drum & Bass, Downbeat, Dance, Trance, ChillOut, Electronica and Techno at its best.
After several live gigs with bands and projects, Gumball played live for the first time in 2008 as wion at FZW Dortmund and Ruhr in Love (Oberhausen).
In September, 2009, the latest album Club 88 has been released on portable music records, the production of a new EP is in progress - Vortex EP is announced for the beginning of 2010.

Music Album Releases:
#1: Life's Fantastic Flights (2000 - 11 Track Album)
#2: Chill Out / Reverse (2000 - 12 Track Album)
#3: Private Edition (2001 - 8 Track EP)
#4: Noordwijk, NL (2008 - 13 Track Album)
#5: Club 88 (2009 - 13 Track Album)

Information: (official homepage) (official MySpace profile) (wion and other music) (more music)


wion - Club 88 _ wion (download by request) _

Buy and download wion - Club 88 at the catalogue of our partner auxiro.
Next to the complete album (ZIP) you can buy any track individually (MP3).

Tracklist of Club 88 (Released on September 18, 2009):
1988 | Breakaway (Just Mix) | Club Bochum | Operating System | Disco! |
TDF | Lethargie | Do You Know How It Feels? | Anna Again! | Space Community | Moonment | One Million Snowflakes | Hope And Fear

Click here for more info.

_ wion (free EP download) _

39 (six track EP, released on March 5, 2010):

More info and download here!
(MP3 256 kbps, total time: 32:26)

Tracklist: I Want U Love / Strong / Cyber Loop Investigation / Baby /
Bass Machine / Sunmaker

_ wion (free EP download) _

More (five track EP, released on March 12, 2010):

More info and download here!
(MP3 256 kbps, total time: 28:11)

Tracklist: It's Friday / Tragic Gold / Summer Love /
The Sweetest Smile / Team 10
_ wion (free EP download) _

Vortex EP (five track EP, released on December 9, 2011):

More info and download here!
(MP3 320 kbps, total time: 27:05 // about 63 MB)

Tracklist: For You / Vortex / Are You Scared? /
24th Of July / Dark Fires


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